The 23rd China-Shanghai International WeddingPhotographic Equipment Exhibition &International Children's Photography, Theme Photography, Photo Album &Frame Exhibition (CHINAWEDDING EXPO 2013) is scheduled to be held from Jan.15-18, 2013inShanghai World Expo Exhibition &Convention Centre.  

    The vast majorityof the exhibitors had already registered by the end of November, with 614manufacturers and organizationsfrom both within China and around the world having committedto attend and with the 80,000-square-meter area being readied to house 4,268booths. With the enthusiastic support of all exhibitors, theexhibition organizer remains committed to boosting demand andleading industry trends via innovation despite the many uncertainties facing both domestic andoverseas markets. The exhibition organizers are making every effort toassure that the show represents the best of a diversified and fashionablecross-section of the sector through a combination of excellent service and bybringing in as exhibitors the top signature brands of the industry. With ten years solid experience in staging exhibitions inthe bridal and wedding sector, the organizers rely on their in-depthknowledge of current trends within the sector and their expertise in promotionto draw in the leaders and decision makers across the sector and to assure ameaningful and game-changing result for all attendees.

    Hall 2 is reservedfor the display of wedding dresses and other outfits for special occasions,with nearly 100 high-quality Chinese and foreign wedding dress makers showingtheir wares, including Spanish top brand Pronovia, Italy's Fratelli Marzi,US-based Macis, Malaysia’s DL and Adore, South Korea’s White Pure Wedding,Jeongkyungok, Yiju, Malanshi and Ellamo, Hong Kong’s Pretty Woman and Taiwan’sChing Hua. In particular, the event creates a great opportunity for majorindependently developed brands from Chaozhou, Guangzhou,Suzhou and other locations around China known for the manufacture of weddingdresses and other outfits for special occasions to showcase their exquisiteoutfits and seek potential cooperation opportunities, helping China'shome-grown companies build brand awareness and go global. At the expo, thelatest wedding dresses and similar outfits for special occasions will be ondisplay and will not only retain conventional elements such as white chiffonand a bubble hem, but also integrate sophisticated design concepts, deliveringa perfect fusion of oriental and western elements. Styles include princess,professional, maturity and elegance, so as to meet the preferences and varyingtastes of soon-to-be-married couples.

    Hall 1, the largestof the four exhibition areas, has attracted 220 photo albums and frames,consumables and photographic equipment exhibitors from China andaround the world. In recent years, the photo albums and frames sector has gonethrough quite a transformation, with the emergence of a variety of innovativeproducts. Ongoing innovation has driven the industry's thriving development. Anexample of style that has become immensely popular among Chinese newlyweds andtheir families is the "photo wall", where one wall or section of awall in the home is fully dedicated to the memory of the wedding, moving thesector beyond the traditional pattern of photo frames and demonstrating thegreat attachment paid by Chinese to their memoraliazation of the wedding event.

    Hall 3 is allocated to the display of photo ensembles shot byprofessional photographers and the availability of franchising opportunities. With theincrease in market-oriented competition in the sector, large- and small-sizedphotography studios are changing their business models with a shift tophotography venues with lower costs. With the advent of the "micro"era, these studios are seeking more opportunities in micro films, an emergingart form combining creative photography with fashion marketing. With the adventof these more innovative photography concepts, they have created photographicsamples with new documentary themes that differ from the early art-, Korean-,European royal- and exotic-style portrait settings. Despite the changes,photography works are still a combination of art and business. A new trend inwedding photography offerings are foreign wedding and honey-moon services,which looks set to replace traditional wedding services in terms of popularity.The children's photography exhibits, an area that is guaranteed to bring smilesto the faces of the attendees, include photos of pregnant women and babies,adorned or surrounded by bowknots, lace accessories, folded ornaments, goldenaccessories and angel wings including poses in baby carriages.

    Hall 4 highlights the display of cosmetics and weddinggoods as well as background props, furniture and accessories for photographicstudios. The cosmetics exhibition area expands the breadth and depth ofexhibits with new demonstrations of training courses from makeup schools inaddition to the showcasing of the cosmetics products themselves. Replacing thetraditional digital background which no longer meets the demands of consumersseeking a higher quality of product, scene props to be showcased create a vividphotographic environment that allows newlyweds and their families to feel truly immersed in the scene andresults in pictures with a substantially enhanced real feel. As a result,integration of the design, construction, furniture and decor ofphotographic studios is destined become the fashion trend going forward.

    Concurrentevents include the press conference for the 2013 S&S International DressFashion Trend as well as a number of support programs and seminar courses,including the franchising courses of Milan International Wedding Photographyand a lecture on the point-based system of management for employees ofphotographic studios. 

    All are welcome to participate in this exhibition being held from January 15th toJanuary 18th, 2013 and to be a part of the industry’s one-stopplatform for information exchange and resource sharing.

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